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Vox: an entertaining dystopian thriller story about stripping away women's voices

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

Vox is a dystopian thriller where within a year’s time, America’s dictatorship has enforced females to not be allowed to have passports, work and speak more than 100 words a day.

Dr. Jean McClellan is not one to choose to conform but must in order to keep her family together. But one day, due to half of the workforce being removed, the government calls on Jean’s expertise with the brain to develop a serum that corrects a stroke’s ability to speak. She barters a deal with the government and now that she has her voice back, she discovers the government has other plans for her serum.

This is my book club’s book of the month, and I’m not going to lie, I dreaded to read it. I thought it would be a heavy read with difficult-to-get through scenarios such as Margaret Atwood’s, The Handsmaid’s Tale, since they sound so similar. I am pleasantly surprised to find that as I delved into the story, is was not like that at all. I appreciated the lighter tone author Christina Dalcher took for such an infuriating story for women. The author also didn’t leave out the protagonist’s weaknesses in her various roles as a woman, wife and mother, which made Jean more realistic in that scary world.

Overall, this is an entertaining read and is a book that’s difficult to put down. I'm really looking forward to discussing this book with my book club next week. I rate it four out of five stars.

Have you read Vox? And if you did, what are thoughts about? Let me know!

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