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Reviewing You Know it's Love by Jen Morris

You Know it’s Love (YKIL) tells the story of Cat who is the wonderful but complicated friend of Alex from Love in the City (LITC). Cat has issues stemmed from her past that make her afraid to take risks, be her true self and to truly be loved. Cue in nice guy Myles, who’s the hot new bartender at Cat’s brother’s bar where the two end up becoming friends and then eventually more when he helps her with her business’ website.

YKIL is the second installment of the LITC series and it surpassed my expectations. I really loved LITC and so, when the bar is set so high it’s a bit scary to dive into the next book because you’re expecting to be disappointed. However, YKIL was so wonderful! Not only had it swoon-worthy moments, it was sweet and sassy all bundled into one.

This story went a little deeper that LITC, I found. It delved into profound issues such as parental abandonment, unfaithful spouses, sexual assault and how it all impacted Cat and why she built a stronghold around her heart. She has been disappointed so many times by the men in her life that it’s hard to blame her for being hesitant in letting Myles in. But I loved to see Cat grow and accept when she needs help thanks to her friends and family.

Also, Myles is such a sweetheart and the way he offers up his heart to Cat throughout the story is absolutely heart melting.

Overall, this story was so well-written. The deep topics were given enough acknowledgement within the story but also didn’t overwhelm it; allowing this book to still be a lovely romcom to escape with.

I received an advanced reader's copy of You Know it's Love from Jen Morris in exchange for an honest review.

You Know it's Love releases on February 23rd!


Book Description

Will her heart follow the rules?

I have three rules for dating:

1. Always be my best self 2. Don’t put out too soon 3. Stay the hell away from anyone like my ex-husband—including liars, cheaters, guys with more looks than substance, and (especially important) bartenders

Everyone says you “just know” when you meet the one, but the only thing I know is New York men are the worst. So when Myles, the cocky, tattooed bartender at my brother’s bar starts hitting on me, it’s a hard pass, thanks. I won’t make that mistake again.

Besides, I have enough going on with my ex trying to run my vintage clothing store out of business. So what if I’d rather be selling my own designs? I have bills to pay.

But it turns out Myles is good at more than just looking sexy while pouring drinks. He knows how to save my business, and that’s an offer I can’t refuse. Everything else he’s offering? Not interested—not in the slightest. Not even if he could be the best mistake I ever make…

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