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Reviewing What a Dog Knows

If there was only one thing I had to say about What a Dog Knows is that it’s a story not like anything else I have ever read before. This unique take on a traveling psychic and her newfound dog she adopted - or rather the dog adopted her with whom she can telepathically communicate with.

The growing love and trust between the two was so sweet and I just loved the stories the dogs would tell Ruby when she would read them to communicate to their owners. The characters that Ruby befriended were so great and the support she received in getting her dog back from the ragtag community that she begrudgingly decided to be a part of was heartwarming.

As a big softie for our furry friends, this was a novel that was a unique and mesmerizing story.

Thank you St. Martin's Press for the finished copy. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.


Book Description

Ruby Heartwood has always lived a life on the move. As a traveling psychic, she makes her living working at carnivals and festivals and circuses around New England. It's a life Ruby has made peace with—settling in one place has never been for her. She needs no one, and no one needs her.

Until one night, when she is camped by the side of the road in her trusty Volkswagon "Westie" van, a fierce thunder and lightning storm erupts. In the middle of the downpour, she hears a distinct voice telling her to "let me in." In jumps a little black and white dog, and to Ruby's astonishment, she can hear the dog's thoughts. Has she been struck by lightning? Did the storm do this? Is she losing her mind?

It turns out, Ruby can hear many dogs' thoughts. She decides to set up semi-permanent residency in the town of Harmony Farms, until she can sort out what is going on, and who the little dog, Hitch, belongs to. But some people in Harmony Farms don't want her there. And it seems that events keep preventing Ruby from leaving. What secrets is this town keeping? Why was she meant to find this dog? And what has Ruby really been running from, all these years?

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