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Reviewing The Bloom Girls

The Bloom Girls was a cute and funny book that definitely pulls in the Gilmore Girls aspects of quirkiness throughout the story. It also reminded me of a Hallmark movie where funny grand gestures were included.

While I was unsure if I was going to like the story at the beginning, there was a twist that began to unfold that lured me in and took me on the amusing wild ride that is the Bloom Family. The meaningful conversations between family and friends were great and I especially enjoyed the very unorthodox family complications that made the story that more interesting.

Thank you Forever for the advanced reading copy. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.


Book Description

Gabi Bloom doesn't believe in signs. She believes in photographic evidence, the view through her camera lens, and the snap of the shutter. It's why she traveled to Europe—to satisfy her wanderlust and to kick off her photography career. But in Ireland, all of that changed when Gabi gazed into the impossibly blue eyes of an American bartender. She wasn’t prepared for their intense and immediate attraction, or the fact that she’d be bringing Ethan home with her . . . as her fiancé.

Gabi's upcoming marriage is the cherry on top of her mother's current predicament. Stumbling toward forty, Alissa is a pastry chef who raised her daughter single-handedly while Gabi’s father traveled the globe. Now her baby girl is getting married after a whirlwind romance and Alissa—well, Alissa is pregnant. Again. And not only is her ex the father, he wants her back. For good. Until she can figure out that part of the puzzle, Alissa is hiding her big little secret even as she helps Gabi plan a happily-ever-after wedding. But somewhere between disaster and hope, life might just bloom in a way that is breathtakingly unexpected . . .

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