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Reviewing RaeAnne Thayne's The Path to Sunshine Cove

Going into The Path to Sunshine Cove by RaeAnne Thayne I only found out it was the second book in the series towards the end of the novel and I didn’t even notice.

Jess rebuilt her life after being separated from her sister in the foster system after the death of their parents. She joined the military and afterwards started up a business with her best friend where they help people downsize their belongings. When she gets a job at Cape Sanctuary so she can spend some time with her estranged sister Rachel and her family, she begins to develop feelings for the family she is helping and it’s not what she wants to happen at all.

What I truly loved about this book was how raw and true the characters’ experiences were. Jess’ is complex and when she recalls her childhood and the painful decision she and her sister had to make completely choked me up.

Rachel’s struggles of being a mom to three kids under the age of seven including one on the spectrum was so real and effective. The complicated relationship with her sister and her marriage possibly on the brink of ending was authentic and really made this book stand out.

While the romance between Jess and the main love interest, Nate, was a big catalyst of the novel, I feel like the sisters’ relationship was really what made this book as good as it was.

Overall, this was a wonderful novel that was a joy to read.

Thanks to thanks to Harlequin for the advanced reader's copy. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.


Book Description

She knows what's best for everyone but herself...

With a past like hers, Jessica Clayton feels safer in a life spent on the road. She's made a career out of helping others downsize--because she's learned the hard way that the less "stuff," the better, a policy she applies equally to her relationships. But a new client is taking Jess back to Cape Sanctuary, a town she once called home...and that her little sister, Rachel, still does. The years apart haven't made a dent in the guilt Jess still carries after a handgun took the lives of both their parents and changed everything between them.

While Jess couldn't wait to put the miles between her and Cape Sanctuary, Rachel put down roots, content for the world--and her sister--to think she has a picture-perfect life. But with the demands of her youngest child's disability, Rachel's marriage has begun to fray at the seams. She needs her sister now more than ever, yet she's learned from painful experience that Jessica doesn't do family, and she shouldn't count on her now.

Against her judgment, Jess finds herself becoming attached--to her sister and her family, even to her client's interfering son, Nate--and it's time to put everything on the line. Does she continue running from her painful past, or stay put and make room for the love and joy that come along with it?

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