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Reviewing Once Upon a Puppy

I think I have a thing for scenes that involve kissing in the rain. Because when a scene that involved rain, kissing and chemistry, I was a goner and Once Upon a Puppy delivered this.

I did not expect to have the swoony feels when reading this book, but the attraction between Deenie and Connor was unstoppable. This opposites attract and enemies-turned-to-lovers romance was such a delight to read.

Although the two protagonists were quite the opposite, they did have common likes and morals that provided the common ground resulting in their relationship. I loved that their strong personalities were able to balance one another.

The story wasn’t all lovely and sweet. There’s grief involved and it added an extra depth to the story that I was not expecting. As a result, I really loved this story.

Thank you Forever for the gifted copy. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.


Book Description

Connor Wyeth has a plan for everything. But when he adopts Maximus, an unruly Irish wolfhound mix, he gets more than he bargained for. If he doesn't act fast, the big dopey mutt is going to destroy his house. The only person Max ever listens to is the volunteer who used to walk him at the shelter—a perennially upbeat woman whose day job is planning princess parties for little kids. Connor couldn't ever imagine that she'd be able to tame such a beast as Max, but he's desperate enough to try anything.

Deenie Mitchell isn't looking forward to spending more time with uptight, rules-oriented Connor—no matter how attractive he is. But when her sister announces her engagement, Deenie realizes he's the perfect person to impress her type-A family. When she learns he needs a plus-one for his law firm's work events, an unlikely alliance is formed. But as they play the perfect couple, the friendship—and the feelings—that are forming start to feel all too real. Opposites may attract, but can the man with a plan for everything and the misfit who makes her own rules ever find common ground?

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