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Reuniting with Lindsey Kelk in In Case You Missed It

In Case You Missed It opens up to Ros coming back to London after a four year work stint in the US. When she purchases a new phone and uses the cloud to get all her old contacts back, she decides to send a mass message to everyone letting them know she is back at home. One of those people happens to be her ex, Patrick, who replies to her message and they agree to meet up. Meanwhile, she’s warned to steer clear of Patrick by her bestfriends and the seeming-to-know-it-all bar owner, John whom she hilariously met in the john. Literally.

In typical Lindsey Kelk fashion, this story had me in stitches. Ros’ random thoughts and the mishaps she gets into were so on point and the secondary characters were equally as funny. There is a particular scene that Ros walks in on her parents doing that had me bowled over laughing and that is just the kind of thing that I look for in a romcom. Her parents were also some of my favourite characters.

Also, Ros’ new job finds her having to figure out how to produce a podcast with a child gamer star-- something she has no experience with, was something relatable to all those who have been in a work situation where you’re in over your head or have no experience with. I'm one of those people.

Overall, this was smartly written and was a great reminder at how much I love Lindsey Kelk’s books. She provides the perfect escapism by engulfing us on Ros’ hilarious journey to personal success and love. I'm really looking forward to reading her next one coming out later this year.


When Ros steps off a plane after four years away she’s in need of a job, a flat and a phone that actually works. And, possibly, her old life back. Because everyone at home has moved on, her parents have reignited their sex life, she’s sleeping in a converted shed and she’s got a bad case of nostalgia for the way things were.

Then her new phone begins to ping with messages from people she thought were deleted for good. Including one number she knows off by heart: her ex’s.

Sometimes we’d all like the chance to see what we’ve been missing…

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