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My Last, Now and Next Reads

three books laid flat with book cover shown face up and a cell phone.

My reading has really picked up lately and it’s an attest to reading some amazing books I’ve indulged lately. While all are not winners, I’m loving that the high quality ones are definitely outnumbering the others.

Here’s what I have read, am reading, and will be reading.


The First Date Prophesy by Danny Tamberelli and Kate Tamberelli.

The First Date Prophecy was an entertaining read; spurred especially with duo perspectives of aspiring writer, Lucy and the man she randomly matches on a dating app, Rudy who is a former child star/currently a stand up comedian.

When the two agree to meet and their first date ends with a psychic prophesying that their future successes depend on them working together, they make it a goal to do so to see where it takes them. As they get to know each other and attend their random jobs to see what opportunities lay for them to combine their careers, their friendship begins to become more.

The story is well written but I would have enjoyed being swept up in the romance of their love story if it was fleshed out a bit more. Maybe a bit more angst would have done the trick. Also, the male narrator for the audio (who also is the male author of the writing duo), narrated the male MC for the audiobook and although his acting skills were great, his voice….isn’t so much. The female narrator was awesome though. With that being said, I would recommend reading this book if you’re interested.

Thank you Kensington Books for the arc and LibroFM for the alc. Thoughts expressed in this review are completely my own.


Penguin Random House Canada sent me this novel by Canadian author, Kerry Clare and it is a Women’s Fiction novel about a friendship between two women who go through the trials and tribulations that life has to offer. Although Fall is fast approaching, this story just screams summer vibes and I’m all for it. I just started and I’m already loving it.

Thank you to the Penguin Reads Team for the gifted copy.


Next up is a book by another Canadian author, Julianne MacLean whom I’ve read before and thoroughly enjoyed it. The Storm of Infinite Beauty is part of BookSparks #BackToBooks Fall Reading Challenge #FRC2023 and the book’s synopsis and cover are breathtakingly beautiful. I can’t wait to read Julianne again!

Thank you BookSparks for the gifted copy.

What are your last, now and next books?

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