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Mixed Feelings about Just Last Night

Just Last Night is predominantly about grief. And so, if you have experienced loss recently, this book may be a trigger.

With that being said, I’ve spoken to other book buddies who have said that McFarlane exemplifies grief superbly in this novel and that it’s a book not to be missed because of that aspect of it.

I have to say that the first half of the novel was quite difficult for me to read because of the circumstances I was currently in (a third lockdown) greatly affected what was palatable for me reading-wise. However, as I was reading this for a buddy read, I pushed through and I’m happy I did.

Why? Well, because hidden amongst the loss that the protagonist Eve was experiencing, was a blossoming love story of two people going through a horrible time in their life and in the end, finding one another.

Unfortunately, it’s difficult for me to write much else without revealing spoilers and so, what I will leave off with is that although this book deals with heavy issues, it’s written so beautifully with underlying sarcastic humour and moments of camaraderie that really make this book enjoyable.

Thank you HarperCollins Canada for the advanced reader's copy. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.


Book Description

Eve, Justin, Susie, and Ed have been friends since they were teenagers. Now in their thirties, the four are as close as ever, Thursday pub trivia night is sacred, and Eve is still secretly in love with Ed. Maybe she should have moved on by now, but she can’t stop thinking about what could have been. And she knows Ed still thinks about it, too.

But then, in an instant, their lives are changed forever.

In the aftermath, Eve’s world is upended. As stunning secrets are revealed, she begins to wonder if she really knew her friends as well as she thought. And when someone from the past comes back into her life, Eve’s future veers in a surprising new direction...

They say every love story starts with a single moment. What if it was just last night?

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