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Maintaining mindfulness in self-isolating times: an avid reader's perspective

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

My furbaby, Jerry who's doing his model pose

Normally, I would post a book review or a post related to an upcoming book to be published; especially for my very first blog post, but we're currently in a very unique time, and I am strongly compelled to share my own personal experience in hopes it can help even one person out there in some small way.

As many businesses are closing, limiting their services or are transitioning to working from home, my workplace had to adjust. Many of us are working remotely, trying to keep our children preoccupied while we call a stakeholder, refrain from meeting up with friends and many different scenarios we’re not accustomed to on a normal basis, can lead to feeling overwhelmed. So how does one keep up mindfulness while maintaining social isolation?

I’m one of those people who thrive working from home; but it’s not for everyone. While I’ve been blazing through my to-do list, tackling things those items that have been on the back-burner and dealing with the occasional technical issue, I’ve noticed a lot more people have been reaching out to each other, asking how one another are doing and wishing each other good health. What a great thing to hear when we’re bombarded with negative news.

We’re seeing a bit more of our loved ones (maybe even too much), more cuddle time with our pets, we’re getting outside more for a walk just to avoid getting stir-crazy, and maybe even us lucky ones are getting more sleep. The landscape is essentially an introverts ideal situation (yes, I'm definitely an introvert) but doesn't mean I don't like being social. I had to recently cancel my book club meeting; an event I look forward to every month as an outlet to connect with my new found friends and fellow book lovers. But as we're forced to adapt, I've been able to read more and (finally) start my book blog. Overall, I'm seeing positives in a world offering an overwhelming amount of bad news.

So my hopes are that we continue connecting with others especially in these self-isolating times to see how they're doing, catching up on our TBR pile, and of course, keeping healthy.

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