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Inheritance by Katharine McGee

Being a huge fan of the American Royals series, I loved this prequel novella that takes you back in time to the night of the infamous graduation party, to the beginnings of Nina and Prince Jefferson’s relationship and more.

I love in true McGee style, the different perspectives of what happened that night giving all the tea of what is to come. This added further depth to the reasoning behind certain decisions that changed the trajectory of the story.

Additionally, the narration by Brittany Pressley was superb as always.

Thank you Penguin Random House Audio for the advanced listener's copy. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.


Book Description

Princess Beatrice realizes what’s expected of her as heir apparent—and it is not riding in cars, alone, with her Revere Guard. But what the Crown doesn’t know won’t hurt it…right?

Princess Samantha is already bored of her own graduation party. She swears she isn’t looking for trouble, but when the king and queen are away, the spare will play….

Nina never dreamed of acting on her feelings for Prince Jefferson. Tonight, though, anything seems possible: even a prince and a commoner.

Meanwhile, Daphne is hiding more than one secret beneath her perfect exterior. A royal party might just be the window of opportunity she needs—until everything comes crashing down.

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