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Indie Love for Jen Morris' Love in the City

Love in the City by Jen Morris is a heart warming, funny and very sexy novel about Alex who has newly arrived in NYC from New Zealand. This was a result of being recently dumped and on a drunken whim, quit her dead-end bookstore job and booked a flight to the Big Apple to kick start her writing career.

Things don’t immediately turn out the way Alex hopes when she first arrives and she also doesn’t want to or expect to fall for the grumpy yet hunky neighbour, Michael.

This slow burn romantic comedy was perfectly crafted and entertaining all the way. The secondary characters contributed so well to the story and the obstacles that Alex and Michael faced were real life ones and I could relate to them in certain ways.

Also, there were so many great quotes that I got out of this book that can attest to Jen’s writing! When Alex meets Cat’s beautiful friend Mel for the second time, she thinks, “I don’t know why I was intimidated; she seems like a lovely person. I guess she’s one of those people that we all love to hate: beautiful, successful, intelligent and also nice. You the ones I mean. It’s like they’re perfect and you can’t help but hope that there must be something secretly wrong with them, like maybe they have an extra toe or a hideous scar somewhere or something.”

We’ve all thought that at some point about someone.

Oh and when Michael turns to Alex when she is second guessing her outlook on love after being burned in that department so often, “You have a way of seeing the world that makes me want to be more positive. But what you’re saying about love...There’s nothing crazy about believing in love.”


And one of many lines that made me laugh out loud was when Alex went through something that broke her heart and she’s been crying every time she thought of someone, “It’s only been a few days, but I’m beginning to worry that I’m getting severely dehydrated.”

Overall, I absolutely loved this novel and I cannot wait for Cat’s story that’s coming out later this month.


Book Description

Find out what happens when a Kiwi girl ventures into the big city in this sexy and funny slow-burn romantic comedy about going after your dreams.

Have you ever stopped to look around at your life and realized nothing is how you want it?

Turning thirty has a way of making you take a good, hard look at your life. And I think we all know what any sensible adult does in that situation: tequila shots. Lots of them.

It’s okay, though, because I’ve finally escaped my tiny New Zealand home town and my negative parents. And New York is better than my wildest fantasies.

So is Michael, the sexy single dad who lives in the apartment upstairs. And he’s featuring in my fantasies more and more—even if he’s a grump and I only ever seem to make a dork of myself in front of him. Ah well, a girl can dream.

Anyway, I’ve got a writing career to build, and writing about being single is fun. If that means swearing off men for a bit, that’s fine. I can totally do that. It’s just a tiny crush.

Besides… happily ever afters aren’t real. Are they?

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