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In Love with Forever with You by Barb Curtis

Forever With You by Barb Curtis had a little bit of everything all bundled up into a sparkling love story. The story takes place in wine country Sapphire Springs where restaurant owner, Leyna suddenly finds herself forced to work with her ex-boyfriend and first love, Jay who has just returned from Europe after 18 years. In order to make a second location of the restaurant at Jay’s family’s vineyard a success, she’ll have to set aside her lingering hurt aside and work with the man who broke her teenage heart several years ago.

I love second chance romances and Barb pulled it off perfectly. It was so well written and the subplots of the lack of funds for Leyna’s dream of a concert hall and the hints of her best friend Emily’s unrequited love for their former classmate, Tim kept me intrigued. There were also family issues that Jay had to deal with and I liked that he was a flawed character; making him a more realistic love interest.

I look forward to reading the second book in the series, Only for You, which is coming out later this year in September!

Thank you to Forever for the gifted book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.


Book Description

From debut author, Barb Curtis, a heartwarming small-town romance about high school sweethearts who return home and discover that first love sometimes gets a second chance. . .

Jay Wynter wants to be successful on his own merit. That's why he left Sapphire Springs and his family's winery to build a career from scratch. But now that he's successor to Wynter Estate, Jay must return to his small hometown to face everything, and everyone, he left behind-especially his high school sweetheart, who happens to be his stunning new business partner . . .

Leyna Milan knows family legacies come with strings attached, but she's determined to prove that she can run her family's restaurant. Of course, Leyna never expected that honoring her grandfather's wishes meant opening a second location on her ex's property-or having to ignore Jay's sexy grin and guard the heart he shattered years before. But as they work closely together, she begins to discover that maybe first loves deserve a second chance . . .

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