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Happy National Coloring Book Day

Happy National Colouring Book Day!

As a child, I used to looooooooove to colour in colouring books and would get so upset if I accidentally coloured outside of the lines. When my mom would take me to the local discount store, I was allowed to grab a new colouring book and would enjoy the smell of crayons when I used them to fill up the pages with colour.

While I don’t get a chance to colour as much as I would like to, I appreciate the fact that adult colouring books are a thing. I was lucky enough to be gifted these beautiful Christmas ones from Debbie Macomber the past couple of years and dabble in filling in the colouring pages in some of the planners I own such as Emily Cromwell’s Book Lovers Planner.

My intention is to make more time to take a pause and give myself the grace to indulge in a moment to fill the shapes with whatever colour my heart desires.

When you were a kid (or now as an adult) what was/is your go-to crayon colour?

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