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Catstrology and Dogstrology by Luna Malcolm

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It’s National Cat Day! Well, in the US it is. There are two unique books by Luna Malcolm called Catstrology and Dogstrology that provide readers their furbaby’s astrological characteristics. Jerry (my furbaby) was a rescue so I’m not quite sure which sign he is but what I can guarantee is that he’s feisty and some say judgmental going by some of my stories where he was featured in.

These books have so many different elements to them, which include what type of humour your pet has: irony, dad jokes, witty wordplay, etc. to “sister signs” to know more about how your pets get along if you have more than one. Overall, these books are quite funny and entertaining, making them the perfect gifts for furparents.

Thank you to Grand Central Publishing for my gifted copies.

What your favourite thing your furbaby does? If you don’t own a pet, what kind of pet would you own if you could? Jerry likes to sleep on shoes sometimes for some reason. Weird but cute.

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