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Book Review: Falling for Kristy Woodson Harvey's Feels Like Falling

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

I completed my first of several May to be read books and this was a sweet one. Feels Like Falling by Kristy Woodson Harvey is a BookSparks Summer Reading Challenge read and I’m glad I chose it to be my first.

If you’re into summer romances, friendship and personal growth, then this is the fictional novel for you. Gray is a 30-something soon-to-be divorcée trying to balance being a mom, CEO of a successful marketing company, sister, daughter and friend as she heads down to her summer home for the warm months.

Diana is 40 year-old woman who just got fired from her dead-end job at the photo lab because of Gray. Her life has been full of tragedies starting with her childhood that involved being abandoned by her mother, separated from her siblings by being taken into foster care, having her heart broken by her true love and now to add to the list: jobless.

The lives of these two women intersect and grow as they help one another face their new lives and demonstrate the powerful results when people support each other.

A favourite quote of mine told from Gray's perspective:

I realized that something my mom had told me all those years ago was true: it doesn't have to look perfect to be perfect for you.

The story gave me the summer feels with it’s Carolina setting that made me want to dig my feet in the sand...if I was down South....and by a beach. Feels Like Falling was a heartwarming story that even got be a bit teary-eyed me at times. So overall, a great read.


Have you read any books that gave you the summer feels recently?

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