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As Seen on TV by Meredith Schorr: A Book Review

As Seen on TV was such a cute twist on a Hallmark movie setting. There is charm, character depth and growth, steam and the feels all wrapped up in As Seen on TV.

Adina is a great female lead. Sure she has her uncertainties but I really liked how she knew who she was and what she was capable of throughout the story. She just needed the break or inspiration to get her where she wanted to go.

The relationship between Adina and Finn was swoony and I found myself intrigued with the mystery surrounding Finn’s past. The story went deeper than I expected but was still able to maintain a lightheartedness that I crave in this genre.

Narration by Emily Lawrence was superb; making this fun and charming book a great one to listen to.

Thank you Forever for the advanced reader's copy and Hachette Audio for the advanced listener's copy. Thoughts expressed in this review are completely my own.


Book Description

Emerging journalist Adina Gellar is done with dating in New York City. If she’s learned anything from made-for-TV romance movies, it’s that she’ll find love in a small town—the kind with harvest festivals, delightful but quirky characters, and scores of delectable single dudes. So when a big-city real estate magnate targets tiny Pleasant Hollow for development, Adi knows she’s found the perfect story—one that will earn her a position at a coveted online magazine, so she can finally start adulting for real . . . and maybe even find her dream man in the process.

Only Pleasant Hollow isn’t exactly “pleasant.” There’s no charming bakery, no quaint seasonal festivals, and the residents are more ambivalent than welcoming. The only upside is Finn Adams, who’s more mouthwatering than the homemade cherry pie Adi can’t seem to find—even if he does work for the company she’d hoped to bring down. Suddenly Adi has to wonder if maybe TV got it all wrong after all. But will following her heart mean losing her chance to break into the big time?

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