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A new favourite: The Happy Ever After Playlist

Oh my heart! This book!

I read this book earlier in the year but I now have the memory to post about it and time to finally to quickly share my thoughts on one of the top books of the year for me, along with one of my top book boyfriends: Jason.

This is not a spoiler free review. Why? Because I just can’t gush enough about this book by not revealing one scene that did it for me.

Abby Jimenez develops her characters so deeply but in a way that we are loving as characters flaws as much as their positives. I do advise that this should be read in order of the series because there is a major revelation about the protagonists in The Friend Zone in here that will spoil the first book for you. I haven’t posted about The Friend Zone yet but I really wanted to share about this story that has become one of my faves.

The story of grieving artist Sloan and musician Jason is heart wrenching and heartwarming bundled up in one. The part that was spectacular was the very moment when Jason spots Sloan in the audience at his concert and they make their way to each other was the absolute perfect moment. Ugh! It was so beautiful and it made me so happy. I was definitely hugging this book. Also the audiobook had dual narrators, which is something I love.

Overall, this is such a great book and if you haven’t read it already, you need to, asap!


Book Description

Two years after losing her fiancé, Sloan Monroe still can't seem to get her life back on track. But one trouble-making pup with a "take me home" look in his eyes is about to change everything. With her new pet by her side, Sloan finally starts to feel more like herself. Then, after weeks of unanswered texts, Tucker's owner reaches out. He's a musician on tour in Australia. And bottom line: He wants Tucker back.

Well, Sloan's not about to give up her dog without a fight. As their flirty texts turn into long calls, Sloan can't deny a connection. There's no telling what could happen when they meet in person. The question is: With his music career on the rise, how long will Jason really stick around? And is it possible for Sloan to survive another heartbreak?

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