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A glimpse into Jessica Simpson's Open Book

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

Hello friends! I didn’t think I was a memoir fan. However, after reading Open Book by Jessica Simpson and a handful of other ones over the years, I admittedly have to say that I am, indeed, a fan. Although, I’m surprised this realization didn’t come to fruition awhile ago, especially since I love watching documentaries, which I feel are quite similar to memoirs.

Open Books starts from Jessica’s humble beginnings as a pastor’s daughter where the family had to find ways to hustle outside of her father’s meek pay to get by. She breaks hearts when she explains her guilt regarding the sexual abuse she suffered as a child and how it was handled by the family that was the initial cause for her addiction later in life.

Jessica writes in a poignant manner that clearly speaks from the heart and draws you into her superstar world. She reaches out to people who may have experienced similar kind of abuse and the obstacles to overcome sociopath boyfriends (uh, hello John Mayer!) and addiction. She doesn’t shy away from taking accountability in things she contributed to that led to failed marriages, relationships and other elements of her life; making us understand that despite her fame, success and wealth, Jessica is just a girl at heart.

And so, I want to end off this a great quote that gives insight into Jessica’s reflective writing. Although I am not a mother yet, I absolutely loved this quote by Jessica:

There are so many firsts to raising kids, and parents are told to catch them all. But they don’t warn you about the lasts. The last baby onesie. The last time you tie their shoes. The last time they think you have every answer in the world.


What are some memoirs that you have enjoyed reading?

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